Our All-Star teams take part in competitions all across the UK. We have a place for everyone, from Beginners to experienced athletes!

If you would like to be a part of our all star program, you will be invited for a free trial session, where we can asses your skill level and place you on the appropriate team.

All-Star athletes fees are payable on a monthly basis via our website payment system. Prices vary depending on teams and training hours.


16:00-17:30 - Tiny T's
16:00-17:30 - Little Lightnings
17:00-17:45 - Sunshine
17:00-19:00 - Hurricanes
17:00-18:30 - Weather Girls
18:30-21:30 - Lady T's
16:00-17:30 - Little Lightnings
16:45-17:30 - Baby T's
17:00-18:30 - Weather Girls
18:15-20:15 - Black Ice

TEAMS 22-23

Baby T's (Pre-School Preparation Team)
Tiny T's (Tiny Novice)

Little Lightings (Mini 1)
Fierce Winds (Youth 1)

Hurricanes (Junior Prep 1)
Weather Girls (Junior 2)
Black Ice (Senior Level 1)
Superc3lls (Senior 3)

Lady T's (Senior Level 4)
T6 (International Open Non-Tumble 6)

Surrey Twisters Sunshine (SEN)

If you would like to come along for a free trial session, please email chloe@twistersuk.com