The Surrey Twisters Staff 

The Surrey Twisters coaching staff have over 18 years experience within the industry and are extremely passionate about this sport, they help each athlete to reach their full potential and strive to teach them skills for life in and out the gym! 

Eash member of the The Surrey Twisters Staff brings a wealth of knowledge and passion in every aspect of cheerleading. Building Champions is about so much more than accumulating trophies & awards; our staff are dedicated to living out the values of teamwork, confidence and leadership in their everyday lives.

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Georgie Brown
Gym Owner, Programme Director and Head Coach 



Chloe Redmonds 

Team Coach and Business Development Manager

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Louise Harley

Team and Tumble


Jackie Lee
Team Coach

Chris S

Head Stunt and

Tumble Coach

Surrey Twisters Junior Coaching programme

It is so humbling being able to have such positive role within the community. However, as our programmes grow, so does the need for staff. We are so proud to be home to a Junior Leadership Team for the 2019-2020 season. These young athletes have come through the Surrey Twisters programme and understand what it means to be a member, and what the purpose of Surrey Twisters is; they will work within our community and help inspire the next generation. Their placement secures Surrey Twisters and its mission for years to come, and creates future employment opportunities for them too. We can’t wait to see them progress as they transition from athlete, to coach.


Meet the team 
Kyla Miller - Surrey Twisters Tinys Coach
Ella Viera - Surrey Twisters SEN Coach
Reece Harris - Surrey Twisters Tinys and Mini Coach
Ade Malone - Surrey Twisters Junior Coach
Heather Simon - Surrey Twisters Tinys and Mini Coach



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