SUNSHINE - Special Abilities Cheer

Surrey Twisters Sunshine Classes are every Thursday 17:30 - 18:15 and are run completely free of charge.

For more information regarding Special Needs Cheerleading Classes please contact Georgie - 07834720967 / 


The main aim of the Sunshine Programme 

The main aim of the Sunshine Programme is to create an environment that allows children with special needs to grow, learn skills and feel a sense of achievement and belonging. Over the 4 years that Surrey Twisters Sunshine has been running we have seen so many incredible achievements happen. We have managed to outreach to many Special Needs schools and teach cheerleading to the children there. We have also managed to incorporate cheerleading as part of schools enrichment programs. We have also managed to get the Sunshine team to perform at many competitions across the U.K. 

It is truly incredible to see a child who is autistic stand up on stage and perform, a child who is visibly impaired be able to perform a full routine with different places to stand, a child with Down Syndrome to be able to stand on stage and dance to music. For an entire team of Special Needs Children with all different types of disabilities and needs come together, to work as a team and make friends and look forward to seeing them week in week out is something magical, for me it reaffirms why I love doing this so much.


Sunshine not only helps out Special Needs Children it also helps the parents of Special Needs children. Having a child with a disability can often be a lonely place, Sunshine allows parents to meet other parents who have children with a range of disabilities. Through Sunshine parents now organise a annual monthly curry night, coffee mornings and play dates! Its not only the athletes that have made friends!

The Surrey Twisters Sunshine Valentines Ball - The Official Fundraiser for the Sunshine Programme

The Surrey Twisters Sunshine Valentines Ball is our annual fundraiser ball that has been running for the past 4 years and has gone from success to success! our last ball which took place on the 23rd February 2019 was attend by over 200 people and raised over £5000 for the Sunshine Programme. 

For all information about Surrey Twisters Sunshine e-mail Director Georgie - Or send us a message below!

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