Read some of our Testimonials from some of our athletes and parents as to why they love being a part of the Surrey Twisters Family 



My daughter has been an Allstar cheerleader since the age of 9. She is now nearly 15 and she has never advanced so much in one season as she has since joining Surrey Twisters. It is so refreshing for her to come out of practice week after week and for there to always be a smile on her face. The team mates have such a close bond and support for each other, it is so rewarding to see them constantly uplifting and cheering each other on. Not only on the competition mat but each week as they train. They really do put the CHEER in CHEERLEADING!


There genuinely is a family feeling at Surrey Twisters, not only for the athletes but also for the parents who are all polite and positive towards each other. The relationships the coaches have with ALL their athletes, is unlike any other I’ve ever experienced and it is blindingly obvious each and every athlete in the programme gets the time and focus they need to be the best they can be. Moving to Surrey Twisters was absolutely the right decision for my daughter and to see her passion, fire & desire to succeed back, has unquestionably been down to being in this programme.

Esme Kennedy - Athlete Parent 

My daughter's absolutely love being part of the Surrey Twisters' family, they have grown in confidence and developed physical skills so quickly the change has been amazing to see. The sport has taught them great team work which is an ethos I admire so much, they are all encouraged to work together and care for each other. I personally have a new respect for cheerleading. They have made great friends and I look forward to continuing to see them to grow within themselves and as a squad.
Anna  Sheridan - Athlete Parent 

My 8 year old daughter joined Surrey Twisters in December and I can’t believe the difference in her confidence already. She has already mastered 3 new tumble skills with the dedication of the fab coaching team. Surrey Twisters is such a friendly team and she has already made such amazing friends who made her feel welcome from her her first day.


Julie Perrina - Athlete Parent 

My daughter joined The Surrey Twisters 6 years ago & it was the best decision we've ever made!! She was a quiet, timid, shy little girl. Now she competes nationally performing infront of thousands, she's learnt to overcome nerves & fears.  She's become resilient & driven & focuses on a new skill,  determined to nail it so that she can move into the higher level team. Her goal is to compete in the world's one day & I'm pretty sure she'll achieve that! She now coaches the little ones which has done wonders for her confidence! Not once ever has my daughter not wanted to go to training. I love that all she wants to do is cheer and it keeps her so fit & strong. But for me more important than any of the things I have previously mentioned......she is so happy & part of a family!! I really mean this. She has wonderful friends, they are all lovely girls! The mums are all friendly & supportive & the coaches are truly amazing!! Georgie & Chloe know the girls inside out, they know their strengths & weaknesses & go out of their way to build up each child's confidence, they're treated as individuals! The reward is when they perform as a team & we all come together it's the best feeling! 
Janet Miller - Athlete Parent 

My daughter joined Twisters at age 7 and is currently in her 5th season and I can honestly say it was the best decision we could have made for her. I think if she could spend every day at cheer, she would. She is surrounded by fantastic team mates who support, encourage and push each other to achieve. The atmosphere in the gym is infectious and it is clear to see the girls across all the teams have the most amazing bond, from mini’s to seniors and they welcome new members with open arms. They really are a family.


If you want a team that allows your child to feel comfortable, welcomed, encouraged, supported and challenged then Twisters is for you. Coaches Georgie, Chloe & Louise are fantastic and I can’t recommend Twisters highly enough. 


We can’t wait for next season!

Kate Harris  - Athlete Parent 

My 9 year old daughter is just about to complete her first full season at Surrey twisters. Not only have her stamina, fitness and tumbling skills improved but her confidence has increased immeasurably. Both parents and athletes of all ages are extremely welcoming and she has quickly formed strong friendships with other members of her team. The resiliance, confidence and social skills that she has developed will be invaluable when she makes the move to secondary school as well as in the workplace.
Liz Brewer - Athlete Parent